We appreciate your continued support of Faith Crossing and it's ministries!

Why Do We Give?
We believe God calls all of us to be good stewards of the gifts and talents He gives us.  If you are a part of our community, we encourage you to give regularly as an act of worship to the Lord in reseponse to the generous way He has given to us.

What Pament Methods Do You Accept?
We accept donations with a check or online through Paypal or Zelle.  


Faith Crossing UMC
34260 Walker North Rd.
Walker, LA 70785

Online Giving Options


a. Log into Paypal.com or the app
b. Select "Send money"
c. Enter email address treasurer@faithcrossingumc.org (you will see the Faith Crossing logo as the photo)
d. Enter amount you desire to donate
e. Change "Paying for an item or service" to "Sending to a friend."  This is the approved option for non-profits by Paypal
f.  Add "Note" if this is is a donation to a particular mission.  No note needed if intended as your tithe.  Hit Continue
g. Select your payment option (i.e. bank account or debit/credit card)
h. Select "Send Money Now"


a. Log into your bank's online account
b. Select "Send money with Zelle" (some banks have a logo that takes you to that section; other banks  have the function under payment, transfer, or send money
c. Register the new contact you wish to transfer your funds to (Faith Crossing UMC; with the following email:  treasurer@faithcrossingumc.org)   - ensure the correct email is shown, the funds will go to the account registered with the email that you list
d. Once the contact is registered, then select the contact (Faith Crossing)  - currently the Regions Account identifies the Zelle account as Faith
e. Update the dollar amount you desire to transfer, 
f. There is an option to include remarks such as "pledge", "donation", or a specific dedicated account should you desire
g. Select send